• Justin Ricketts

The Wandering Black Hole

Normal black holes sit at the center of galaxies, surrounded by stars, but the black hole B3 1715+425 is no normal black hole. B3 1715+425, the naked, wandering supermassive black hole flies through space at more than 2000 kilometers per second. Stripped of its stars, the black hole simply roams the universe, sucking up everything in its path.

According to astronomer James Condon, this black hole lost its stars when its galaxy collided with a blackhole at the center of a larger galaxy that ate all its stars, an event unlike a typical galaxy collision. Typical collisions lead to the black holes orbiting each other, moving closer and closer until the galaxies merge. Something went wrong for B3 1715+425, leaving it alone to roam the universe.

Many have not heard of this black hole and its ability to roam and consume. Should we, here on Earth, be concerned? Condon says no. B3 1715+425 is 2 billion light years away from Earth, and astronomers believe the black hole, without any stars, will become invisible in a billion years. So though it poses no danger, it is funny to think there is black hole travelling through space, all by itself.


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