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Stress in Students

There is a new widespread epidemic facing students, stress. Many students around the globe report feeling stress from academics. The American College Health Association found that 33.2% of students reported it affecting their academic performance. Stress can produce many mental and physical reactions among young students. The pressure of having to attend class, do homework, and study can catch up to scholars.

What is Stress?

According to Cleveland Clinic, stress is the body's reaction to any chance change that requires adjustment or response. Stress can produce many mental and physical reactions among young students. Stress in students can be a result of an upcoming test or quiz, a grade adjustment, a project, and many other activities.

Results of Stress

Stress can present itself in many different ways in students, mentally and physically. Stress and anxiety may cause sleeping problems, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Sleep is extremely important for people of school age due to students’ growing bodies and brains. Other symptoms of agitation, depression, headaches, anxiety, and even more. This can take a serious toll on a student's well-being.

How to Manage

The most important thing for students to remember is that stress is manageable. Small steps such as organizing upcoming events in a planner or developing time management skills are still steps in the right direction of management. Even aerobic exercise can release endorphins to make students feel good. Other ways to manage stress include bonding with friends or family, incorporating time for relaxation, obtaining a sufficient amount of sleep, or reaching out to a doctor. Most importantly, students need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and remember that stress is a completely normal emotion to experience in life.



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