Meet Our Contributors


Delaney Lloyd


Delaney Lloyd is currently a senior at Jupiter High School and has been a student of the Jupiter Medical Center Academy for the past four years. Her love for the medical sciences is her biggest drive in life. Delaney joined STEM10 as a writer in order to educate others about STEM. 


Delaney has achieved many medical certifications throughout the years such as, CET, CMAA, EMR and certified by the American Heart Association in Life Support. As a writer, she plans to draw from her medical knowledge.


In her free time, Delaney loves to work out, spend time with her family, obtain clinical hours at Jupiter Medical Center and serve the community at her part time job. 


Delaney’s future plans are to attend college in the fall of 2021 and major in Nursing. She hopes to obtain her Master of Science in Nursing to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. 

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Kristen Hodne


Kristen Hodne is a third-year student at the University of South Florida studying Biomedical Sciences and Public Health. She is passionate about epidemiology, evolutionary biology, and environmental science.  She plans to attend medical school after graduating from USF. 

At USF, Kristen is a VP of a student organization that educates K-12 students on the importance of STEM. She is involved with Education Abroad as well as with clinical volunteering programs in Tampa. 

Outside of school, Kristen has a love for architecture and art. She is an avid reader and has interests spanning from astrophysics to de-extinction. Kristen enjoys painting and traveling as much as she can.

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Daniela Carmona


I’m currently high school Senior attending Suncoast High School for the CS IB program. I have always had a huge love for engineering and maths, and in recent years got into computer science and programming. I’m originally from Mexico, and now speak Spanish fluently. While being in STEM, I also involve myself in lots of other activities, such as chorus and theatre. I am a rugby player for the Wellington Lady Wizards, and have done martial arts for the majority of my life.


Lauren Brensel


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Matthew Sand

Magazine Designer

Matthew Sand, a senior at Suncoast High School, has always had a connection to STEM. His passion for engineering has pushed him to constantly find new ways to explore the field and learn and share as much as he can. 


In middle school, Matthew discovered his love for programming and all things graphic design related. He has spent his high school career involving himself in the STEM field, by joining many STEM oriented clubs and enrolling in the engineering program in his school. Matthew is excited for the opportunity share his passion for engineering with others through STEM10. 


During his free-time, Matthew enjoys learning, working on personal projects, and spending time with family and friends. He plans to major in computer science, and aspires to eventually work as a frontend software engineer at a tech startup. 


Kari Durrant


  My name is Kari Durrant. I am a mommy of three, Co Founder of Kare Classroom, an online children's learning platform, and a Preschool Teacher. I am from the island of Trinidad and Tobago, where I spent the past two years teaching at one of the very few STEM based preschools in the country. I would love to see STEM Education incorporated into my country's education system and I'm looking forward to being part of that movement.

Lauren Brensel is a rising senior at Suncoast High School in Riviera Beach, Florida. Having a passion for writing, Brensel showcases her talent as the President of Suncoast’s Speech and Debate team and the Social Media Manager of award-winning newspaper The Legend. Among other activities, Brensel enjoys giving back to her community by volunteering at her local library and being a member of her school’s recycling committee. More than anything, she is a dedicated sister, daughter and friend. In her free time, Brensel enjoys playing with her troublesome dog Shadow, binge-watching episodes of Four Weddings with her sister Sarah and spending time with her beloved cousins and grandfather. Brensel’s main goal in writing for STEM10 is to inspire today’s youth to learn something new everyday. She hopes that readers will be motivated to use their voices in support of important humanitarian and political issues. Brensel’s plans for the future include studying Psychology and Journalism in college and moving to a state with a colder climate. 


Fauzia Haque


Fauzia Haque is a rising junior at Suncoast High School. She is passionate about medical research and being an activist while informing others of the injustices that the world currently faces. Making a contribution to society in any way has always been a major goal for her and she has begun doing that through her volunteer work. She enjoys reading books and has found a solid passion in writing and design, especially with her work experience with Suncoast’s Renaissance yearbook team. In her free time, she also enjoys painting, binging Netflix and cartoon shows, and spending time with family and friends. She aspires to attend college in the fall of 2022 as a health science major with a psychology or criminology minor, and then going on to pursue further education within medical school. She has always gravitated towards the field of medicine and hopes to become a neonatologist. She hopes that by joining the STEM10 team as a writer, she can help influence and inspire more teenagers her age to see the beauty behind the fields of STEM and all it has to offer.


Bhawna Chhibbar


My name is Bhawna Chhibbar and I am a STEM educator from New Delhi, the capital city of

India. Born and brought up in New Delhi, I completed my graduation from College of

Vocational Studies, Delhi University & masters in Human Resource Management from

Sikkim Manipal University.

Soon after completing my graduation in 2014, I started working as a STEM instructor at ‘My

STEM Lab’ which is a Delhi based organization imparting knowledge of STEM & Robotics to

school students. Working with the organization, I’ve got a lot of opportunities to interact

with students & teachers from various parts of the world.

From quite a sometime now, I’ve started gaining interest in coding and therefore like to

spend my free time working on Scratch. Adding on to my hobbies, I also like to pen-down

my thoughts, my feelings as poems that I sometime write in Hindi, English or Punjabi

language too.

One day in future, I plan to open up a free-learning based school where students are not

forced to learn every subject but should be set free to learn whatever they are interested in.

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Shannon Trujillo


Shannon is an incoming graduate student at Columbia University in the Genetic Counseling program. She has a bachelor's degree in Biology and has worked in a number of S.T.E.M. Education roles. She has a passion for education and outreach, and she looks forward to sharing her love of science, especially genetics, with you.


Binathi Vuppuluri


Binathi Vuppuluri is a third-year student at the University of South Florida studying Biomedical Sciences with plans to minor in Anthropology and Biomedical Physics. Currently, Binathi works as a behavioral research assistant at the Global Center for Hearing and Speech Research. She volunteers regularly at local hospitals or in her community. Binathi joined the STEM10 writing team because she's excited to combine her love for writing and her passion for STEM! Binathi enjoys her free time gardening, singing, listening to music, painting, or reading up on history. In the future, Binathi hopes to attend medical school and pursue her dream of becoming a physician.

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Brandee Jones


Brandee Jones is a rising junior attending Suncoast Community High School. She has a love for math and science that seems to grow each and every day. Brandee joined the magazine in 2020 because she wants to develop her writing and communication skills. Brandee believes that information should be accessible to everyone and as a writer, wants to expose more students to STEM-related fields.
In her free time, Brandee loves listening to music, working out, tutoring elementary schoolers, and spending time with her family and friends. In the future, Brandee aims to travel around the world and work at an engineering firm. 

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Raima Sarker


My name is Raima but I prefer to be called by my middle name, Mahi, which—unfortunately is not in reference to the fish. Over the past few years I’ve been participating in the Palm Beach Regional Science Fair in the environmental engineering category. I’ve put a lot of time and research into creating an affordable water filtration device that uses solar electricity to treat water. Through this long-term project I’ve discovered that I have a passion for science and other STEM subjects that I want to explore more as I grow as a student. Along with STEM, I’ve always loved magazines. As an avid-reader and current event enthusiast I have treated myself to a good magazine more than once, reading everything ranging from Vogue to Science. Through my position at STEM10 I would like to tie together two of my life’s greatest passions. Those passions having been stoked by the fire the teachers at Palm Beach Central High School in Wellington, FL ignited in me 3 years ago when I started my high school journey.